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Press Release -  Toyota Prado Fuel Tanks

The new 136 litre rear replacement tank for the Toyota Prado 150 Series long wheel base has just been released by Long Range Automotive (LRA) in Melbourne. This new fuel tank will greatly increase the travel range on this popular touring 4WD.

The replacement tank is more than double Toyota’s standard auxiliary tank which is just 63 litres. Combine this new 136 litre tank with the main tank of 87 litres and the fuel capacity is now a whopping 223 litres providing the capability to go a heck of a lot further between refills.

Whether it’s towing, touring or just everyday driving, a Prado 150 Series owner with an LRA tank fitted can fill up when it’s cheap and drive on by laughing when the fuel goes through the up cycle every week!

LRA’s TLCP150RR kit includes everything required to fit the new tank with minimal fuss. The tank is manufactured from 2mm aluminised steel, etch primed and finished in silver hammertone enamel. At the time of this publication, the new Prado replacement tank retails for $1450.00, including fitting and GST at LRA.

For owners of the short wheel base, 3 door Prado 150 models, LRA also manufacture a 135 litre replacement tank for these turbo diesel variants which dramatically increases the driving range from the standard 87 litres on offer from the factory.

All LRA tanks come with a 2-year Australia wide warranty. For more information contact LRA in Melbourne on Ph: (03) 9739 5667 or visit the website at

LRA have a number of distributors within Australia and Overseas. Find a supplier in my area >

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Toyota Prado Fuel Tanks

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